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So many business owners miss out on sales opportunities because they aren’t marketing experts or don’t have the time. I help businesses owners put their marketing on autopilot and focus on growing their business.

Nicole Bolinger, Marketing consultant, digital marketing

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​Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m a photographer, educator, and marketing specialist and I can help you grow your business! I know what it’s like being an entrepreneur and wearing multiple hats!  There are so many ways to market your business and it can become very overwhelming. I can help!

Business and Marketing have always been fascinating and enjoyable for me. I started my own photography business 17 years ago by using my marketing degree and continuous education to stay up-to-date with modern marketing. Let me share some of the tips I’ve learned over the last 17 years. From websites to social media, email marketing, and public relations…marketing works! You just need the right tools and the right team!


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Let’s Talk About Goals

Let’s Talk About Goals

Let’s talk about GOALS! How many of you ( hear that word and get a little tense?  Goals are scary because what if we don’t meet them?   Well, what if you do?  Or, what if...

How to Increase Your Google Ranking

How to Increase Your Google Ranking

Most business owners want to increase their google ranking and many don't want to pay for that.  Also, many consumers scroll past the paid ranking businesses to find the ones...

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