How To Differentiate Your Business


Let’s be honest, most of us have a business in a very saturated market! Take me for example. I’m a photographer AND a marketing consultant. Y’all know good and well photographers are a dime a dozen and marketing consultants are everywhere you turn in the digital age. Yet, somehow I get business. The key isn’t to do what everyone else is doing… the key is to differentiate yourself.

But how? Maybe you feel like you offer the same thing as everyone else… and maybe you are, but you’ve got something, if not a few things, that set you apart from everyone else. Once you figure those out, you market those!!

So, let’s figure those out!

1. YOU!!

Even if your business is in an industry that is TOTALLY saturated, YOU are what makes your business different! Take the marketing consulting industry. There are tons of us out there, with pretty much the same things to say. But when you’re working with someone one-on-one, it’s pretty important that you get along… that you like each other. Clients that have contacted me to work with them, do so because they like me. Something I have written, has resonated with them. A video I posted made them laugh or they feel like we are similar. Who knows what the reason is, but people will invest in your business because they like you. I talk more about this in my blog about networking…YOU are important!

2. Focus On What You Bring To The Table
If you focus on what others are doing, you’ll never be able to focus on what makes you different. Make a list of all the great things about your business or how you run your business. I bet there’s something there that others don’t have. Maybe you have impeccable customer service. Maybe you have years of experience that others don’t have. Or perhaps you have some work experience that makes your current business amazing.

As a photographer, I started out as a portrait and wedding photographer. After years of capturing emotions in family portraits, I developed a skill to capture emotion in commercial photography. I’ve been told many times that I stand out because I can take a boring headshot and add personality to it. My past experience has helped me differentiate myself as a commercial photographer. What have you done previously, that gives you an edge?

3. Become An Expert

You probably are an expert in your field, and it should be obvious to potential clients you’re an expert. But don’t take that for granted. It the digital marketing days, anyone can label themselves as an expert. It gives “fake it till you make it” a whole new meaning. People really are faking it out there…and not in a good way. In marketing, consistency is key. So be sure to consistently represent yourself as an expert. Consistently, show us that you know your industry better than your competition. Utilize social media, Insta stories, FB lives, and blogs to continually show us you know your stuff. I’ve seen where pest control experts show us where the bugs are coming into your house. I’ve seen barber shop owners show us their before and afters, I’ve seen bakers show us their incredible decorating talent. People remember when you show them something incredible. And just between you and I, I would DEF take advantage of video… don’t make it hard. Do a FB live or a 15 sec Insta story, but people LOVE videos these day!

4. Be Easy To Work With

I know this seems obvious, but I have met a LOT of businesses out there that operate on principle alone. They are getting paid and that’s all the matters. While that is important, and you should NEVER sell yourself short, sometimes working with a client is more important that a few bucks. For instance, as a portrait photographer, when a client would spend a certain threshold, I would throw in the digital images… because they were spending a lot and I wanted them to be loyal and I wanted to thank them. Or if they ordered just the digital images, I may throw in a print. Most of the time this was done depending upon the client and their concerns or worries. It definitely wasn’t something I planned. But if it came down to it, I would throw in a freebie to make them happy. Or give them an extra 10 minutes on their session, if things weren’t going well with their toddler. I’ve made small sacrifices to make my clients happy. Keyword there is small! 🙂


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