How to Increase Your Google Ranking


Most business owners want to increase their google ranking and many don’t want to pay for that.  Also, many consumers scroll past the paid ranking businesses to find the ones that are organically ranked higher.  So let’s get your Google ranking higher organically, shall we? If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, go do that NOW!  It’s free!

5 ways to increase you google ranking


First, go to my recent post that tells you how to use Google My Business to get reviews and help increase your ranking!! OK now that you’ve done that, I want to tell you about some cool tricks you can do with GMB (Google My Business)!



As a business owner, I know you’ve always got something fun up your sleeve for your business. Maybe it’s an event, maybe you have an incredible sale or promotion, or just some awesome news potential customers would want to know!  Well, you can post these things STRAIGHT to Google! How cool is that?

For Instance, every week I post a new blog post of helpful information for marketing small business, now if someone were searching for a marketing consultant, hopefully, I’d pop up…and when I do, there would be all these posts in my profile showing all this awesome info I give for free.

If you’re a boutique owner, you’d want to post an amazing sale you’re having. Next time your boutique shows up on Google, your awesome sale will be posted right there. Potential customers won’t have to be on your email list or follow you on social media, they’ll see the amazing deal you have and go shopping.  By posting your events, offers, or new info directly to your GMB profile, new customers can see all the awesome stuff you’re doing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Nicole, now they won’t click on my website or Instagram to see my stuff. To that, I’d say nothing could be further from the truth.

These days potential clients move on quickly. There’s a high chance they won’t click on anything else if something doesn’t stick out to them immediately, so by posting directly to Google, their interest will be sparked which will cause them to click further into your more of your online platforms!  Go give it a try!


Make sure you fill out your Google My Business profile completely.  Make sure your website, phone number, hours, description, and categories of your business are all filled in and complete.   You’d be surprised how many Google My Business Profiles aren’t completed, After doing an audit of mine a while back I realized I didn’t have my categories in there!


Make sure you use your keywords on your website.  Basically, Google uses words to rank websites.  If you don’t have your keywords on your website, Google isn’t gonna find you and therefore you won’t be ranked very high, if at all.


Add content often.  Google looks for not only keywords but new,  relevant, AND useful content.  Adding new images and updated content such as a blog can increase your value to Google.  They want to show their users exactly what they are searching for.  So make sure your website has valuable content and resources.

This may sound like a lot of info, but it’s very doable just take it step-by-step and as always, I am available should you need help!


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