Let’s Talk About Goals


Let’s talk about GOALS!

How many of you (ok…us) hear that word and get a little tense?  Goals are scary because what if we don’t meet them?   Well, what if you do?  Or, what if you don’t, but the effort still paid off?

Let's talk about goals

I hate the word goals. I’m not gonna lie!!  But, if we’re NOT setting a goal, we’re staying stagnant. Stagnant was ok for 2020, we were all in survival mode!  Now it’s a new year, good things will happen this year, probably some bad things too, but we can’t focus on that and we need to move forward.

I have a challenge for you…a challenge for myself too!  Take this new year seriously, let’s sit down and set some serious goals.  Let’s really get out of our comfort zones, when is the last time you challenged yourself, I mean REALLY challenged yourself.  I bet most of us have set some simple goals that we know we can attain (which is a good thing), but not really goals that made us go that extra mile.  If you have, then I am proud of you!  However, if you’re like me, you’ve been a bit too comfortable with yourself.

2020 was a hard year and I definitely cozied up to the status quo.  I was doing as little as possible to still get the job done.  I’m not embarrassed by that.  I did what I needed to do to get through job loss, home school, distance learning, bored kids, fighting kids, the constant uncertainties from a global pandemic…etcetera, etcetera!  Some of these things still linger, but I know there are things I can change. The perfect conditions in goal setting may not exist, but I know I can’t continue living in JUST survival mode.  I need more…we were all made for more.  So what can we do about it?  Set GOALS, push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and cheer each other on!!

So back to that challenge…I’m gonna go big here…if you’re ready to step up to the plate, join me in my FB group, HERE!  Honestly, I haven’t even paid any attention to my marketing FB group in over a year, maybe two!  YIKES!  But, I think it’s time.  When I first started the FB group, people joined because everyone needs help with ideas, learning, accountability, and even encouragement.  I started it as a way to connect with people who were like me, connect with people who maybe needed some help with marketing or entrepreneurship, and connect with people who had ideas and thoughts they wanted to share too!

Keeping a FB group up and running isn’t easy.  But that’s my GOAL, that’s my CHALLENGE!  I want to grow a positive community to get us through this transition from pandemic life, back to “normal” life.  I can’t do it alone, will you join me?

Here’s what to do:

  • Join my FB Group HERE!
  • Leave a post with ONE goal you have for 2021.
  • Next Monday, I’ll start posting content that can help us grow in our business lives, personal lives, and perhaps an occasional health tip.

I believe great things happen with small steps and I also believe there has to be some balance.  We can’t always have our entrepreneur hat or our marketing hat on, sometimes we need to have a human or a compassionate hat too!  However, sometimes we just need a funny meme to get us through the day (2020 taught me that).

So join me and let’s transform our year, our businesses, and step-by-step, our lives!!

See ya on FB,


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