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I had the awesome opportunity to take promotional pics for a local band here in Bakersfield! The Band is Ligado and their sound is smooth and awesome! Go check them out HERE!

I learned a few things from this session! First, shooting at a hangar is a photographers dream. The natural light is AMAZING!! I didn’t need any lighting, no flash, it was awesome. The guys even played a bit and the acoustics were unbelievable!

I’ve always enjoyed my photo shoots! I enjoy chatting with people and getting to know them. I’ve always been a talker!! ALWAYS!! I suspected that being chatty and building relationships with my clients was a great business tool, then I got this…

a FIVE STAR review! What stuck out to me is when he said, ” Most importantly, she took the time to talk to us before the photo shoot to get to know us”. Guys..without even realizing it, I was asking discovery questions! I mean, I’ve always used info I got from clients in some form or another, but I just didn’t realize I was doing it!

If I’m honest, being too inquisitive has gotten me in trouble from time to time. But when you’re an entrepreneur, it is a MUST. You always have to be asking questions and learning!

Now, if it doesn’t come natural to you, don’t worry. You can still do it! Often times discovery questions can serve as an ice breaker. Remember…people LOVE talking about themselves. When I was younger, I read “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell. He actually talked about this very thing. Now that I mention it, that is a great book, you should definitely read it! HERE’s a link to Audible! Basically a good conversation can change someones day and change how they perceive you!

Before a meeting with a client, just right down a few questions about them. Questions like, how did they start their business? How long have they been in business? Or how did they meet their spouse? What do they like to do in their spare time/hobbies? Try to ask questions that will pertain to what you do.

Don’t be afraid to ask personal questions, of course you don’t want to ask about their divorce (yikes), but ask about their kids or simply ask about their day! Simply put…care about your client!

Which comes to the third thing I learned from this session! Yes, you are an entrepreneur to make money, but the money will come if you genuinely care about your client and want to serve people! Whenever I’ve gotten so focused on making money, it seems business is slow.

Once I start to focus on helping people and actually serving my clients, my business starts to boom! It’s not a coincidence. Clients are people and they can tell if someone is just trying to make a quick buck off them.

Think about a business that you are loyal to. Why do you keep going back to them? What is special about them? I guarantee it’s because they are kind and helpful to you and make you feel like you matter.

To wrap it up! Do you want to get a 5-star review? Do you want to make your clients feel important? Do you want loyal clients? Then focus on the relationship with your clients.

Building a relationship doesn’t have to be grand gestures like sending cookies and fruit baskets (which isn’t a bad idea either). It’s as easy as asking questions and getting to know your clients.

In my line of work, building a relationship with my clients is important because it allows them to relax. And that allows me to get the money shots! LOL! But it’s so much more important in the long term.

So have fun with your clients, get to know them. In the end you’ll be able to serve your clients better and have more client loyalty…which will allow you to enjoy what you do!

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