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4 reasons why you need professionally photographed headshots

In today's iphone world, where cell phones have amazing cameras and capabilities, and where selfies dominate social media, you may want to consider hiring a professional for your heashots rather than DIYing it. I'm sure you can take a descent picture of yourself or your friend on a phone or a DSLR. But when it comes to a picture of YOU to promote yourself all over the web and other venues of media, I have 4 reasons why I think you need to hire a professional photographer...or just call me! :)

1.You Only Have One Chance to Make a FIRST Impression

Wow, especially in this digital age, we scroll past or swipe right or left SO quick. So many times, I base a business on their photography before I even look at the reviews. When you are selling yourself (and your service or product) you MUST look your best. So please, do yourself a favor and have a professionally photographed picture of yourself.

2. You'll Look Your Best

There's a few reasons you'll look your best from a professional photographer. First, it's because we understand lighting. Whether we take pics in studio lighting, natural lights, or at your office, we understand how to use lighting to our advantage and therefore your advantage. Second, we understand angles. We know how to avoid that double chin we secretly all have. Third, we also know how to soften your skin, remove or minimize blemishes and/or wrinkles,a nd make your make-up and eyes POP!! Now, I'll be the FIRST to suggest that you don't go "airbrush"crazy. You want to look like you, but a good professional photographer will know how to touch up your images without them looking touched up at all.

3. It Conveys Success

I hate to admit this, but we all do's the monster of social media. We believe what we see. We believe everyone has this amazing life because they post perfect pictures of their home and their kids. Y'all know what I'm talking about. But the same goes for our businesses. I could be the most broke business women ever with no clients, but If I post an amazing headshot with some amazing pics of my product/office/lifestyle...all of a sudden I'm assumed to be successful! On the flip side, I could be the millionaire next door with a start-up business, but if I post a selfie in bad lighting and wearing that old tshirt, chances are your potential clients would view you differently and keep scrolling!

4. Consumers Want to "know" You

Marketing yourself is very different in the age of social media. More times than not clients will contact you because of what they see. So, you don't want to post that old smug headshot of yours. You know the one...with the fake smile and stiff posture. You can still have a very professional looking headshot, but with the right professional photographer, we can capture your personality. We can capture that gleam in your eyes for the passion you have or that awesome smile and laugh that makes your clients so comfortable.

The list really could go on and one! So when your ready...and it's never too soon to make a good impression...go ahead and contact me!! I promise I can make you look ah-mazing!!



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