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CommWorld | Commercial Photography

When I first started talking with Tamra of CommWorld, she was ready to focus on her new branding and image with Mantera Media! They needed some new images to showcase herself and her team. During our planning meeting she mentioned that they have moved from just a communications company to an IT company as well. She really wanted to focus on the IT portion of her company, so it only made sense that their headshots me taken in the server room rather than a solid backdrop or wall. I really try to tell each client's story with their headshots. I thought they turned out beautifully. Here's a few of them...

I could tell her team is very important to her and definitely appreciates them. So I knew we had to capture her and her team working together. I love this image we got!! I, of course, took a traditional shot of her team, but I can tell this company is like family, so I grabbed a shot of them hugging just a bit....for good measure, of course!

While she took me on a tour of their offices, I noticed their conference room was decorated with motivational quotes on the walls. I knew those would have to play a role in our session, as well. Tamra also had an idea in mind of using a ladder, so we combined our ideas and crated this shot! I love it when a plan comes together...but not just my plan, It's important I get the shots the company envisions for their brand!

I really enjoyed working with the professionals from CommWorld. They were all so friendly and helpful. I love it when employees offer to help move and pack up all my lighting and gear. So nice!! I'm thrilled that they loved their new images!



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