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Marketing 101 Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs

Are you a new entrepreneur? Have you just started out on this entrepreneurship journey? Do you have a hard time focusing on marketing or creating a proper marketing strategy? Perhaps you've been in business for a while, but have only functioned on referrals. Imagine what could happen if you actually put some well thought-out marketing plans in action!

If these sound like you, then I'm here to help! I have been an entrepreneur (aka solopreneur) for over a decade. I've moved multiple times, in which I had to essentially start my business over. With every move and new city, I've always found new clients and new success. The key is to having a marketing plan. I have a degree in marketing, so that helped me...but what about all you entrepreneurs who don't have a degree in marketing or have the experience of running your own do you know what you should do?

Well, I'm here to help you! Have you found yourself wondering...

  • What it would be like to have some help making decisions for your business?

  • How much better your business could be if you had some help in creating ideas to market and promote your business?

  • How can you get a little more clarity, education, or advice in marketing your business?

  • Would it cost too much money to hire a business coach?

Most business owners have thought about all of the above at some time or another.

That 's why I created the MARKETING 101 BOOTCAMP!!

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I'm looking to work with 6-8 entrepreneurs that LOVE their business, but need a little support in the marketing department!

"Marketing is really just about sharing your passion!" - Matthew Schwartz

This group will come together WEEKLY for online LIVE training events in which we will cover a new topic/strategy each week until your marketing is on point!

It Starts Oct. 22nd for 6 weeks! Training will be from 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much we will discuss. I want to ensure we cover everything in detail and answer any and all questions you may have! There will be a group lesson, followed by a Q & A and even live one-on-one help with attendees. And there will be guest experts in certain industries to give you a marketing edge.

Marketing 101 Boot-camp will give you the opportunity to work with me directly AND get feedback and encouragement from your peers. Getting an outside perspective of your business is such a GIFT!

What's in it for you??

  1. Learning and understanding marketing idea's and how to use them in today's business and digital marketing world. (online course valued at $199)

  2. Creating a working marketing plan for your business. (online course valued at $109)

  3. Working with experts in different industries to help explain key topics. ($150 per hour)

  4. Creating a website and brand that you can be confident in. (Average $1000)

  5. Learn Skills to become more proactive and productive as an entrepreneur. (online course valued at $99)

  6. Set business goals for 2019! (one-on-one coaching calls $150 /hour. 1 call per quarter= Total $600)

  7. Constant support via FB group through the six week program and in between calls. ($97 monthly for membership sites)

  8. A one-on-one follow up call with me after bootcamp. ($150 value)

If you paid a coach or mentor, hired someone to do these things for you, or took some online courses...the total value would be at LEAST $2500, but could be far more expensive!!

But don't worry, I won't charge you that!! ;)

Below is the bootcamp 6 weeks outline:

Each week will be a different topic that will build upon the next! There WILL be homework!!

***This program is for those of you who are serious about whipping your business and marketing into shape and uplevel your business!!***

  • Week One - Basic marketing...a marketing 101 crash course. We will discuss each business/industry in the class and talk about target market and marketing plans!

  • Week Two - Branding. This is more than just your logo. We'll take an en depth look at your online presence and make sure all your online and social media platform have a cohesive look.

  • Week Three - can be a blessing, not a curse. How can technology help you grow in today's online business world.

  • Week Four - Building customer relationships and loyalty. We will be discussing your options to build a better relationship with your clients and potential clients. Whether it be content marketing, email marketing, blogging or vlogging, etc. We'll talk about what is the best way to reach, contact, and keep in touch with your target market

  • Week FIVE -Productivity, Invoicing, Bookkeeping, etc. We are gonna look at what your doing on the back end of your business and your processes to stay productive and keep your business moving forward.

  • Week Six - Evaluate where you're at now and set goals to create a marketing plan for 2019. I want to help set you up for success!

PLUS...access to our FREE Marketing 101 Bootcamp FB group to ask questions and get support throughout the week between training calls!!

***Every week you will get personalized strategy, suggestions, and encouragement to convert that weeks material into your own business.***

As mentioned above, to get all this information separately OR hire people, you'd be looking at at LEAST $2500!

With my Marketing 101 Bootcamp , you'll get a 6 WHOLE weeks of coaching, Valued at $2500 for a flat fee of $347!!!

AND a 100% money back guarantee!!

The FIRST two people to enroll will get an additional follow up, one-on-one 1 hour phone call in January 2019!!!

At such a great price and so many benefits what do you have to lose?'ve got everything to GAIN!!!

Don't wait, enrollment ends on Oct. 18th!! AND the next bootcamp will INCREASE to $600 in the New Year!!

Click below to join the team!!

Click below to join...

small business marketing//marketing101//marketing tips//small business resources//entrpreneurship


"I came to Nicole wanting to improve my business Instagram and marketing strategies. Nicole helped me to build a better Instagram strategy by sharing her tips, resources, and tools. She demystified a lot of the process for me and it's made posting so much easier and fun. Her marketing and social tips are spot on and it's clear she cares about her clients' success! I highly recommend her to anyone trying to uplevel their marketing and Instagram game."

- Stacey Hagen , Create Coaching

"I had the opportunity to spend an hour on the phone with Nicole. It was full of insights about my business that I hadn’t thought of. She found items that I needed to work on, but was also quick to point out the great things we were already doing!  She realized quickly the things that I could be working on to help my business grow and provided us with the resources to move ahead with these projects. If you have the opportunity to work with Nicole, both you and your business will see growth in the future!"

- Kim Neer, Mighty Man Handyman

" It was such a pleasure working with Nicole. It was great having someone else to look at my business and get an outside view. She suggested things that I never thought of and taught me how to do it. I've been working with for a few months and have enjoyed every call with her."

- Duncan Lindsey, Duncan Lindsey Media


When will the the training's be each week? Training dates will be set with the entire group based on everyone's best availability.

What if I can't attend a meeting? As a group we will decide when training will work for everyone, but life happens. Should you worries, all the trainings and information will be recorded and you can ask myself or the group any questions in our FB group or FB messenger!

Is there really a money back guarantee? Yes! Money back guarantee is good only when entire training is completed with proof that homework assigned were completed and proof that all steps from our training have been implemented and given time to work. Marketing takes consistency. So I will need to see that you have been consistent in your efforts over a 3 month period.

Can I cancel at any time? No, there is a six week commitment. This is a program for serious business owners who are ready to take a leap and work hard! :)

What if I want MORE calls with you, can I do that? YES! after our 6 weeks training, I do have coaching programs available. I'd love to work more with you!

Will you be taking these actions for us? I will be teaching you about marketing ideas and skills and giving you resources to use. Every week you will have "homework" that you will do on your own, but you will have access to me to answer any and every question you have!

Have more questions? Contact me HERE!



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