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You guys! I have a client, a seriously talented client. Well, she’s actually a friend who is a client, because let’s be honest, all my clients are friends…wish all my friends could be clients! Wink, wink!

But, I digress…my talented friend, Hannah Gomez, is an interior designer. She is the owner and designer of Iron & Oak Studios which specializes in commercial and home design!!

And now the entrepreneur extraordinaire has opened The Iron & Oak Shoppe! She is debuting her shop with some amazing pillows cases she’s created with Jocelyn Dimaya aka Jocelyn Shares, an artist and beautiful seamstress. Both from Bakersfield, CA!

Talk about girl power! Whoot Whoot!

I was honored when Hannah asked me to photograph pillow covers her website and shoppe. She has some beautiful taste and I love the textures and designs!

Go to her shop and grab a few or three! They are gorgeous!! Also, go check Hannah and her designs out on insta at: @ironandoakstudios and @ironandoakshoppe. Also, check out Jocelyn at @jocelynshare. You’ll want to follow these girls for seeing beautiful and creative things on the daily!

If you purchase from her lovely collection, be sure to tell her I sent ya! I just LOVE helping my other entrepreneur friends out! 🙂

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