What I Learned About Marketing From A Can Of Soda


Every Friday night we have pizza night. Yes, for the adults it get’s old, but as the person who does probably 80% of the cooking, I welcome the night off! But that’s another story! On pizza night we let the girls drink a soda… without caffeine that is. The usual suspects are Sprite, Orange Crush, Cactus Cooler, Squirt, Ginger ale, or Fresca.

I was buying Fresca more a while back… maybe a year or two ago, but then we just phased it out. No real reason, my family didn’t seem to enjoy it anymore. It wasn’t a crowd pleaser like Orange Crush.

Fast forward to a week ago, I was perusing the soda aisle, looking for the perfect drink to bring home to my crazy crew, when I noticed something different. It was a different looking design in a sea of solid colored fridge packs. Was it a new soda? If so, what kind…? I needed to buy it!!! Upon closer evaluation, I noticed it was Fresca… the box had a new trendy design, clean lines and bright colors.

I brought it home and my kids noticed it looked different too. It looked fancy. It looked special. The design was so cute and colorful. We all had to have it. I drank more Fresca that week than I did Diet Coke. If you know me, then you’d know that’s a very big deal!!

Point of this story about our beverage of choice on pizza night? Simple, that a small change can have a great impact on your business. It could be a change in your branding, it could be a change in your product, a new offering, a new employee, even a new attitude.

This same soda had been around for YEARS, and we had gotten tired of it. All of a sudden they change some colors and the design on their sodas… and poof, we’re new clients… again!

Some may think of it as the “shiny new object syndrome” Something shiny and new draws our attention and we have to have it!

Here’s a different example on a smaller, more local level. A young woman starts a business from her fabulous hobby with macramé. . Seriously, she makes the coolest things! Her business was going well. She was making wall décor and plant hangings, for the most part. Then one day she makes the cutest little key chains, then earrings… and poof, her business is blowing up. She was the same business, with the same talent, but she brought something shiny and new to the table. Her earrings were a hit, which automatically brought more attention back to her business. Check her out at Roots Co Macramé!

We, as human beings love new things!

In the days of social media, we have to realize our customers and clients are scrolling and scrolling. Seeing the same ads or walking down the same aisle with the same type of cartons. How are you going to stand out? And don’t overthink it. It doesn’t have to be huge. Fresca didn’t reinvent their soda, they didn’t reinvent the box, they just changed their design.

What is something in your business you can change? Maybe it’s a new product, maybe it’s a new design, maybe it’s a new offer. Have a great idea, but it didn’t take off… tweak it a bit and try it again! Maybe start doing some Live video’s on social media. Try out IGTV or post a story for the first time. Ya know… It could be as simple as a new attitude… LOL!

If you need to get your sales up, brainstorm ideas on how to bring something new to the table. Need a different perspective? Contact me HERE for a FREE 30 min strategy session!

Leave a comment if you need some help. Let’s chat! Whatever you do, let me know about it! I’d love to hear what you’ve thought of, and how it worked. So don’t forget to come back and tell me about it!

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