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A change could do you good!

In the words of American singer and songwriter, Sheryl Crow, "A change could do you good" and I agree. I can't believe that I can say this, but, I've been in the photog game for about a decade now. In the first few years, I developed my photography and editing skills, in the years to follow I tried my hand in about every photography genre. I've always photographed families, but I dabbled a bit in newborn photography, then weddings, and most recently high school seniors. But, I was soon to discover that there is a whole genre I hadn't been paying attention to.

While growing my business in Atlanta, I began doing a lot of networking. I mingled with the Chamber of Commerce, multiple networking groups, and many a lunch or coffee date. I discovered real quick that networking and building relationships is where my natural talents lie, but I couldn't deny my learned talent of photography. Slowly my networking paid off in building clients. I noticed an increase in clients in general, but I had more professionals reaching out to me for new headshots, product photography, real estate, and even lifestyle type shoots for businesses to tell their story online. During these shoots, I'd have a lot of conversations with entrepreneurs and small business owners about marketing ideas. Also, to my surprise, I started to get a lot of people contacting me for advice on how to start their business, or how to grow it. I soon realized, that even though I had a bachelors degree in marketing in 2000, over the years, through experience and self-education, I had learned quite a bit about marketing in the digital age and social media. While I love photography, my passion seems to lie in the actual building of my business and marketing. Over the years, I've made mistakes, ran campaigns that failed, but always learned something. It never felt like a failure, but more a challenge.

I've taken all this experience and realization and decided that since I am starting new here in Bakersfield, CA, I'm gonna start new with my business. In today's digital age, there is a HUGE need for commercial and advertising photography. Between websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing imagery is everywhere. Consumers today may choose your business based on reviews, but more times than not, they will choose you based on what they see. Do they like your headshot? Is your website professional? Do they like what you post on social media? Can they relate to you? These are all important questions. And I'm happy to offer services to give you images and help guide small businesses to the answers. So give me a call....let's give your starter or thriving business a kick in the pants!



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